Jeano Edwards

Jeano Edwards is a Jamaican-born filmmaker and photographer, currently based between Brooklyn and Paris. His work often weaves critical theory into practice as he believes that taking time to think and critique is a vital part of creating. His approach to each project is one where the process of making the work becomes as significant as the work itself.

His films with British Designer, Grace Wales Bonner, highlights the importance of collaboration in his practice - Often creating space for the exchange of ideas between himself and the people he works with. The results are images that are imbued with a sense of sensitivity and thoughtfulness that hopes to communicate the intricacies and complexities of the places and people in each frame.

His self-published photobook titled ‘EverWonderful' – shortlisted for the Aperture Paris Photobook Awards 2021 – serves as an ode to his homeland and a testament to his process.