Jeano Edwards is a Jamaican-born filmmaker and photographer, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His practice primarily meditates on the possibility of one reconciling with the idea of home. Away or present, his work alludes to the idea of home as an ever-changing sense of belonging as opposed to a fixed residence or location.

His first project, Familiar Strangers (2019) nods to this, citing Stuart Hall’s writings as the focal point for his explorations. Weaving critical theory into practice is a prominent part of Jeanos’s process as he believes that taking time to think and critique is a vital part of creating. Underpinning his work is a thoughtful and sensitive approach to image-making, whereby the subjects chosen, piece together a continual story in one’s understanding of identity and cultural heritage. Collaborative films with British Designer, Grace Wales Bonner, similarly highlight the importance of documentation within his practice -- serving as a means to communicate and introspect what being Jamaican means to him, and how the culture there is presently evolving.

His self-published photobook titled ‘EverWonderful’ – serves as an ode to his homeland. It’s clear to see the centrality of his cultural heritage throughout his work, and how it has not only shaped but evolved his outward perspectives.