Jeano Edwards

Can You Tell The Dancer From The Dance? 

“It is not just because we are simply “caught” inside a totality, the totalizing character of which even the most totalitarian master narratives of modernity could not have hoped to match; it is because we accept that the terms under which we are caught inside that this totality can no longer be negotiated.” (Roelstraete) 

The project hijacks the jigsaw puzzle as a medium to explore the working conditions inside an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. The game works in conjunction with a mobile app - the application is designed to look and feel similar to the digital interface used inside the fulfilment centres.

Each jigsaw piece is indexed with a number and colour. There are two separate images, both cut with the same pattern and both indexed the same. For example, both 17-Green and 17-Orange can fit into the 17 slot on either side of the board.

The application has a split-screen with each player being assigned one half. The app randomly chooses a jigsaw piece for each player which they have to then locate and place in the correct spot on their side of the board - drawing from the practices within the fulfilment centre.

The aim is for the player to adopt a pseudo role of an Amazon fulfilment centre worker - being forced to focus on maximizing the efficiency of a particular task while ignoring the “bigger picture”.